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shirt on the box

CliqueSand gear is finally on the way!

Are you stuck wearing cheap shirts simply because it's volleyball related?


Are you tired of the $5 wholesaler shirts that read "CHAMPIONS"?


Are you itchy from the shiny polyester shirts with zero percent flex?


How about the BDSM cotton(see through) that catches every breeze to make you feel 15lbs heavier? You gotta be tired of that, right?


If you answered "Yes." to any of the above questions then check this out:

Current Stage:


We are hand selecting items that will not only feel great on and off the court but items we also believe will last.


We are customizing designs. Some subtle like Tanner, some loud like Clint Ross.



We are checking out different local shops to customize our gear.

We want items that will make you happy to represent our brand. Clothes you will want to wear. Items you will want to use. Unique designs. Less junk "CHAMPIONS" shirts bought from a wholesaler. Less itchy polyester and see through cotton. More quality. More variety. More you focused.


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